Approved Projects



PRIN 2017 (The inorganic side of lysosome cell biology: the network of metal-protein interactions) – 2017WBZFHL_003 Coordinator in charge of the research unit of University of Catanzaro and coordinated by Prof. Fabio Arnesano, University of Bari.

PRIN 2015 (Role of metal dyshomeostasis and ubiquitin-proteasome system derangement in brain pathologies: risk factors and neuroprotective strategies) –20157WZM8A. Coordinator in charge of the research unit of University of Catanzaro and coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Grasso, University of Catania.


PRACE 14th call “NANOASSEMBLY-Targeting the polymer assembling in supramolecular nanoparticles for in cell imaging devices” 15.2 million core hours on SuperMUC supercomputer (Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, DE).

PRACE 5th call: CHIRSIM-From single molecule to macromolecular chirality: probing the mechanism of the photoinduced chiral-to-achiral transition of a fluorene-based polymer film” in collaboration with Prof. Tamaki Nakano (Hokkaido University, JP). 24M CPUh allocated on Fermi machine, Cineca (Italy).

PRIN 2010-2011 (Metal Ions in Age-related Diseases: Metallostasis and Proteostasis Interplay in Neurodegeneration) – 2010M2JARJ  (Collaborative role).

PON 01_01078 (“Identificazione di biomarcatori e sviluppo di metodi diagnostici e terapeutici nel campo dell’oncologia e della biologia vascolare) (Collaborative role).

Italian research Ministery (Miur) Project FIRB Futuro in Ricerca2008 “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Unveil the Determinants of Neurodegenerative Diseases” RBFR083JUS_002

Several grants as PI for significant amounts of computer time in European supercomputing centers

Regular grants on: ISCRA (CINECA), HPC Europa2 (HLRS), John von Neumann Institute for Computing (NIC), Caspur.