Chirality index scripts

The scripts in fortran90 for calculating helix handedness using the chirality index can be downloaded from this GitHub repository.

In the tar archive you will find separate scripts for calculating:

  1. the chirality indexes for a protein structure in pdb format (file chirality.f90). The chirality indexes easily detects left-handed helixes of Poly-Proline II with respect to the right-handed helixes as alpha-helixes.
  2. The chirality indexes for a nucleic acid structure in pdb format (file chirality_nucleic.f90). A, B and Z form are identified.
  3. The chirality indexes for any macromolecule coordinates in NAMD dcd format (chirality_dcd.f90).
  4. A documentation file with all the detailed steps.

Please feel free to send any emails for any kind of queries or suggestions to improve these scripts to apietropaolo”at”